Bringing the Evidence Home

On Thursday, March 24th, 2016, the TULSA WORLD published a ‘Business Viewpoint’ composed by our Founder and Chairman; Tom Warburton titled “Wealth Management And A Life Worth Living”.

As are the majority of the missives that we distribute, this article was inspired by and largely documents a real-life interaction between a client, or buddy, as we prefer, and our Warburton Capital colleagues.

Embedded in this article is a carefully chosen word – ‘Sufficient’.  At Warburton Capital we aspire to help our clients Make Work Optional And Maintain That Status.  Essential to Making Work Option and Maintaining That Status is the accumulation of ‘Sufficient’ Liquid Net Worth.

Further embedded in this article is a roadmap for accumulating ‘Sufficient’ Liquid Net Worth – the elements of that roadmap being:

  • Work,
  • Save,
  • Participate In Retirement Plans,
  • Avoid Credit Card Debt,
  • Avoid Lifestyle Debt and
  • Avoid Buying A Home That Is So Expensive That It Ends Up Bankrupting You.

Although this article doesn’t elaborate on the very important subjects of ‘How To Invest The Liquid Net Worth You Accumulate’ or the ‘Allocation Between Risky Assets (Stocks) And Less Risky Assets (Bonds), please know that we would be happy to sit down with you to discuss your uniquely personal Goals, Values, Needs, Resources and Obligations and explore whether or not it makes sense for us to work together.

We have attached a copy of the Tom’s article in the Tulsa World here:

TomWarburtonBusiness Viewpoint with Tom Warburton

Trusting this will find you well and hoping you are living a life worth reliving, I remain

Yours truly,

Warburton Capital Management

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