Warburton Trust Services

Warburton Capital Management is working with National Advisors Trust Company (“NATC”) and National Advisors Trust of South Dakota, Inc. (“NATSD”) to provide trust services.

Together NATC/NATSD has over $12 Billion in assets under administration.

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What does that mean for our clients?

This service allows clients to appoint Warburton Trust Services as successor trustee or corporate trustee in their estate planning documents for their trust, for an ILIT or for other purposes.

What is a trust?

A trust is a tool an individual or family can use to direct the distribution of their assets once they die. Unlike a will, a trust reduces the probability of probate and can be used while the person is still alive.

What is the advantage of a corporate trustee?

As the successor trustee, the corporate trustee bears the responsibility of managing assets in accordance with the instructions of the grantors in their estate planning documents after the person or persons have passed away or are unable or unwilling to manage their own affairs.

Why Warburton Trust Services?

Warburton Capital Management, LLC, has become a stockholder in and affiliate of National Advisors Holding, Inc. (“NAH”), the subsidiaries of which include National Advisors Trust Company (“NATC”) and National Advisors Trust of South Dakota, Inc. (“NATSD”).

NATC is a national trust company and a member of the Federal Reserve Bank. It is examined for safety and soundness by the Office of the Controller of the Currency and reports to Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. NATSD is a trust company regulated by the South Dakota Banking Division.

With over $12 Billion in assets under administration, NATC/NATSD is one of the largest independent trust companies in the United States. Its in-house specialists include 10 JD’s, 2 LLM’s, 4 CTFA’s, 6 Trust Officers and 3 CPA’s. NATC has experience managing assets ranging from marketable securities to mineral rights, oil and gas, real estate (commercial, residential, farm and ranch), and closely held businesses. The headquarters of NATC are located in Kansas City, MO, with satellite offices in Sioux Falls, SD, and Houston, TX. NATSD provides client planning options under the progressive trust laws of South Dakota, including unique assets protection, privacy, and dynasty trust arrangements based in a tax friendly state.

Warburton Capital Management has been designated as a Trust Representative Office of NATC/NATSD doing business as Warburton Trust Services. In this capacity, Warburton Capital Management collaborates with NATC and NATSD to fully support communication, execution and reporting with respect to client trust services.


About Warburton Capital Management: Warburton Capital Management, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisory firm. Its wealth management advisors are independent fee only, fiduciaries working to help clients clarify and achieve their financial and business goals. Ultimately, we strive to help clients build peace of mind and financial security.

About Warburton Trust Services: National Advisors Trust Company d/b/a Warburton Trust Services provides comprehensive trust administrative services through the Trust Representative Offices of Warburton Capital Management.

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