Our Purpose is Serving Your Purpose

Who We Are

We are a Registered Investment Advisor. This means that we are Independent, Fee-Only Fiduciaries. Learn more about this benefit here.

How It Works

We help our clients identify, clarify, and achieve their financial goals through a consultative process, beginning with a discovery meeting.

What We Offer

We utilize a Purposeful Wealth Management strategy to help our clients make work optional and maintain that status.

Warburton Capital Management

600 Million

Assets Under Management*

*as of June 1, 2024

  • Investment Consulting
  • Wealth Transfer
  • Wealth Protection
  • Wealth Enhancement
  • Financial Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Charitable Giving


We guide our clients through a life of financial purpose

Warburton Capital Management Investment Solutions 1

Purposefully Accumulate Wealth

  • Systematic savings plan
  • Education, insurance, and estate planning 101 for families
  • Starting a business or navigating employer benefits
Warburton Capital Management Investment Solutions 2

Purposefully Preserve Wealth

  • In-depth financial planning
  • Revising estate plan and insurance plan
  • “Safety Up” Phase of portfolio for currency in retirement
  • Extracting value from and optimizing the value of your business
Warburton Capital Management Investment Solutions 3

Purposefully Enjoy Wealth

  • Make work optional and maintain that status
  • Advanced estate planning strategies
  • Advanced charitable gifting strategies
  • Business sale and transition planning
  • Tax-efficient withdrawal strategies

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Freedom to Pursue Happiness However You Want

Happiness comes from having the freedom to live your life devoid of stress and to engage in activities and interests that you are passionate about — and from having more time to connect deeply with friends and family.

This sounds wonderful, but how can you accomplish it in practice?

Read More

Some people say that money is not the answer. But the truth is that while money itself does not buy happiness, financial security can act as a vehicle that allows you to pursue happiness however you choose.

Over the years, as the financial advisors at Warburton Capital Management have provided financial management for families in and around Tulsa, we have observed that achieving the financial freedom to pursue happiness rarely happens by accident.

It requires purposeful wealth management.

What Is Purposeful Wealth Management?

Purposeful wealth management is an approach to financial management that works to ensure every aspect of your financial life is coordinated and directed to help you pursue and realize happiness in whatever way you choose.

This approach is based on identifying your needs, obligations, and resources, then creating a customized financial plan with the goal of achieving your long- and short-term goals in a way that aligns with your personal values and objectives.

Getting started with purposeful wealth management means finding the right partner who understands and is aligned with your objectives.
In “Purposeful Wealth Management,” our firm’s founder, Tom Warburton, details how to think purposefully about the major financial management decisions everyone must make and provides guidance on how to get started with meaningfully engaging in a purposeful wealth management process.

This book is yours, free, when you download it from our site. We hope you find it interesting and useful.

How Purposeful Wealth Management Works

Purposeful wealth management entails identifying what matters to you, then laying out a road map to achieve a state of financial well-being that will allow you the freedom to pursue happiness.

It demands a coordinated and integrated approach. You’ll begin with a discovery interview with a financial advisor. In the interview, we’ll clarify your purpose, values, and goals, then address the relevant aspects of your current financial situation.

Next comes the financial management planning stage, where scenarios to achieve your short- and long-term goals are explored, and a course is plotted.

Finally, all the elements of a comprehensive purposeful wealth management plan are put into motion. One significant aspect of this step is executing the right investment strategy.

Our approach at Warburton Capital Management is informed by the science of investing, based on years of academic research and the practical application of evidence-based strategies.

Helping You Realize Your Purpose Is Warburton Capital Management’s Purpose

Our Tulsa financial advisors rely on a purposeful wealth management strategy to help our clients accumulate, preserve, and enjoy their wealth.

Who We Are

Warburton Capital Management is a registered investment advisor, and our financial advisors are independent, fee-only fiduciaries.

We do not receive referral fees, and we never charge our clients commissions, front-end loads, or back-end loads.

Our financial management philosophy is to help our clients achieve their goals by taking an approach to consultation guided by years of extensive education and experience — and executed by a team of experts in investment strategy, estate planning, taxation, asset protection, and charitable giving.

We encourage you to get to know our dedicated team of financial advisors and specialists.

Services We Provide in Tulsa

The financial advisors at Warburton Capital Management draw on decades of experience to help our clients anticipate and prepare for life’s major financial decisions and guide them to purposefully achieve their most important goals.

We provide comprehensive advice and services for individuals that encompasses:

  • Implementing systematic savings plans
  • Providing education on topics like insurance and estate planning
  • Establishing a new business and navigating employer benefits
  • Conducting in-depth financial, estate, and insurance planning
  • Optimizing the value of a business and assisting with sale or transition
  • De-risking portfolios as clients approach retirement age
  • Executing tax-efficient withdrawal strategies
  • Providing advanced estate planning and charitable gifting strategies

Warburton Capital Management also offers trust representative services, providing clients with a practical option for appointing a successor trustee or corporate trustee for estate planning, irrevocable life insurance trusts (ILITs), or other purposes.

We serve in a fiduciary capacity for businesses, nonprofit organizations, foundations, and endowments. Our services include investment consulting, investment policy statement (IPS) development, portfolio reporting, and corporate cash management.

Explore our solutions today.

Why Choose Us?

At Warburton Capital Management, our purpose is to serve your purpose.

We are committed to helping our clients develop thorough plans with solutions that facilitate wealth accumulation, preservation, and enjoyment.

Our advisors serve as fiduciaries for our clients; every recommendation we make is in the client’s best interests and aims to help make the client’s personal and business financial goals a reality.

We embrace an investment philosophy that focuses on long-term investing strategies based on purposeful and measured research. Our strategy is built upon the following:

  • Broad portfolio diversification that seeks to maximize potential returns
  • Economic theory backed by decades of evidence-based research
  • Investment plans that are built to withstand market fluctuations

You may be just getting started and figuring out how to plan for the future while juggling a new career, buying a house, getting married, or starting a family in Tulsa.

Perhaps you are further along, and you have worked hard to develop a successful career or business. You are financially comfortable, but you want to make sure you are investing smartly and managing your taxes efficiently.

Or you might be ready to retire soon or already in retirement. You want to ensure that your portfolio can support you in the years ahead. And you want to engage in charitable giving and make sure you are prepared to leave a meaningful legacy to loved ones and important causes.

Whatever stage you are in, we can help you create and manage a purposeful plan to achieve your goals and objectives, freeing you to pursue happiness in any way you choose.

Get started now by scheduling a consultation with the team at Warburton Capital Management