Purposeful Wealth Management

Financial planning means helping our clients identify, clarify, and achieve their financial goals through a consultative process.

We are a Registered Investment Advisor. This means that we are Independent, Fee-Only Fiduciaries. We are not owned by a large brokerage house or insurance company. We are not beholden to any investment company. We do not charge our clients any commissions, front-end loads, or back-end loads. We do not receive referral fees. We are legally obligated and duty bound as Fiduciaries to recommend to you what we believe is in your best interest, not ours.

Purposeful Wealth Management typically encompasses the following areas of practice:

Financial Planning
  • Adhering to Evidence-Based Investing
  • Utilizing Cost-Efficient Mutual Funds
  • Deploying Nobel Prize Winning Research
  • Implementing Asset Dedication, Asset Location, and Asset Allocation
  • Investment Allocation Process™
  • Constructing a Risk-Appropriate Portfolio Built For Every Market
  • Diversifying Your Portfolio Across Asset Classes, Countries, Sectors, and Companies
  • Using Fixed Income to Minimize Risk and Preserve Wealth

“When you make money, you have to pay money – to various branches of governments. So, it’s not just how much you make, it’s also how much you keep.” – Tom Warburton, Purposeful Wealth Management

  • Executing on Tax Loss Harvesting
  • Utilizing Tax-Efficient Mutual Funds
  • Incorporating the Impact of Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)
  • Minimizing Taxation to Future Heirs
  • Preparing for Tax Diversification in Retirement

“It doesn’t matter whether you’re worth $1 Million, $5 Million, or $100 Million – it is your privilege and responsibility, in my view, to make purposeful arrangements for what happens to your wealth when you’re gone.” – Tom Warburton, Purposeful Wealth Management

  • Introduction to Estate Planning with an On-Staff Estate Planning Attorney
  • In-Depth Estate Plan Review with an On-Staff Estate Planning Attorney
  • Coordinating & Attending Meetings With Your Estate Planning Attorney
  • Updating Your Beneficiaries and Funding Your Trust
  • Consulting on Advanced Estate Planning Tactics to Navigate Estate Taxes
  • Assisting in Settling the Estate of a Loved One

“Creating wealth is one challenge; maintaining wealth is another discipline. An excellent insurance advisor is an irreplaceable member of a team dedicated to protecting your wealth.” – Tom Warburton, Purposeful Wealth Management

  • Coordinating a second opinion on your Home & Auto insurance
  • Reviewing your personal liability limits
  • Completing a Life Insurance Needs Analysis.
  • Reviewing and recommending Long Term Care Insurance
  • Reviewing and recommending Disability Insurance
  • Creating an in-depth Wealth Management Plan which utilizes Monte Carlo simulations to project a probability of successful goal achievement.
  • Providing a second opinion on your existing Investments and Financial Plan, including an “X-Ray” on your portfolio to identify how it is invested and what fees you are paying.
  • Investment Allocation Process™
  • Recommending changes or gaps in your financial planning to improve your probabilities of success.
  • Answering questions such as:
    • How could I utilize a Retirement Plan at my business to benefit both us as owners and our employees?
    • Should I participate in the Employee Stock Purchase Program as an Executive?
    • How should I invest my 401(k) with my employer?
  • Recommending an automatic savings plan to help you achieve your goals.
  • Investment Allocation Process™
  • Helping you determine how much you need to save for your children’s or grandchildren’s education.
  • Identifying which vehicle might be most appropriate for accomplishing that goal:
    • 529
    • UTMA
    • Educational Trust
    • Taxable Account
  • Streamline, Formalize, and Systematize Charitable Gifting.
  • Creating Donor Advised Funds and Donor Designated Funds
  • Working with Tulsa Community Foundation to Facilitate Charitable Intent
  • Integrating Charitable Intent with Investment / Financial Planning and Estate Planning

Areas of Service

Seeking purposeful asset management?
Read about our services.

Seeking purposeful asset management?
Read about our services.