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TULSA, Okla. – Warburton Capital announced that they now provide trust services. This service allows clients to appoint Warburton Trust Services as successor trustee or corporate trustee in their estate planning documents for their trust, for an ILIT or for other purposes.

“Our clients work closely with us to make decisions about their financial futures.  We’ve been asked to provide this service for years.  It’s appealing to many of our clients for us to continue managing their assets in accordance with their wishes once they are no longer able or willing to do this themselves.  Our trustee service enables us to continue to serve them,” said Warburton Capital Managing Principal Jonathan Hall.

A trust is a tool an individual or family can use to direct the distribution of their assets once they die. Unlike a will, a trust reduces the probability of probate and can be used while the person is still alive.

As the successor trustee the corporate trustee bears the responsibility of managing assets in accordance with the instructions of the grantors in their estate planning documents after the person or persons have passed away or are unable or unwilling to manage their own affairs.

“The benefits for our clients are simplicity and peace of mind,” added Hall. “They get to choose how their estate is divided and managed and we will make sure their wishes are carried out, even after they are gone.”

With Warburton Trust Services as successor trustees, the assets in the trust will be managed by an independent third-party. As corporate trustee, Warburton Trust Services assumes the fiduciary responsibility of managing a trust, or trusts, and the assets within those trusts.

“There is a risk to being a successor trustee which might preclude naming a family member. Appointing a family member can sometimes lead to conflict between the beneficiaries if there are multiple members in a family named as beneficiaries. A corporate trustee helps eliminate familial conflicts of interest, promote equitable treatment and separate emotions from trustee decisions,” continued Hall.

For information on how to appoint Warburton Trust Services as your successor trustee call 918-794-3000.

About Warburton Capital: Warburton Capital is a Registered Investment Advisor. Our wealth management advisors are independent, fee-only fiduciaries who work to help clients identify, clarify and achieve their personal and professional goals. Ultimately, we strive to help clients build a level of financial peace of mind that helps them make work optional and maintain that status.

*Warburton Trust Services, a Trust Representative Office of National Advisors Trust Company (NATC) and National Advisors Trust of South Dakota, Inc. (NATSD)