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This post hits some high points of how we approach investing, but if you would like to discuss more in-depth – or would like a second opinion on your investments in pursuit of creating a Purposeful Plan- please click to Contact Us HereIt is my pleasure to announce that we were selected as one of the Top 8 Wealth Management Firms in Oklahoma.

We were taken by complete surprise when we received this honor!

  • Advisor HQ – the enterprise that honored us – is an independent firm that acts as a ‘watch dog’ for firms like ours
  • To find ourselves in the top echelon of firms they have reviewed is very flattering.

AdvisorHQ’s review of our firm (Click Here to Read the Full Analysis)  included the following “key factors” that led them to give us this honor:


[WCM] impressed us because of its commitment to the fiduciary standard.[…]

The firm is independent and does not accept commission. If an exception occurs and a product or service is recommended that does provide commission, Warburton notifies you immediately. It will not proceed if the service or product is not in your best interest and/or if you do not approve or feel comfortable.

In these ways, Warburton [Capital] eliminates […] potential conflict of interest and allows you to receive trustworthy advice. Otherwise, the firm is compensated by fees earned from a percentage of assets under management (AUM).”

“With You Until the End:

Warburton [Capital] advisors want to forge a long-term relationship with you. They want to […] help you react to life’s many changes […and] anticipate these transitions and hardships as much as possible.

In this way, [WCM] hopes to guide you through the turbulent times in both the market and life. More than simply surviving, Warburton[Capital] wants you to thrive, too. The only way to do this is keep you as a trusted client and provide the absolute best service possible.”

Detailed, Customized Process:

Warburton [Capital] initiates a detailed, thorough [Discovery] process designed to learn […] about you, your life, and your personal financial goals.

This process involves approximately 5-6 meetings across a period of three months. Particulars of this process include:

  • Discovery Meeting: Your [WCM] advisor gets to know you and your risk tolerance, cash flow, and the goals you have for your money.
  • [Wealth Management Plan Analysis] Meeting: This is where your advisor makes recommendations and educates you on further details of Warburton [Capital]’s process.
  • Mutual Commitment Meeting: You and your advisor agree to move forward with your finalized plan.
  • 45-Day Follow-Up Meeting: You and your advisor finalize and organize all paperwork associated with your account.
  • Regular Progress Meetings: Your first progress meeting takes place approximately 90 days after your personalized wealth management process was first initiated. These progress meetings are conducted regularly thereafter as scheduled by both Warburton and you.”

Team-Based Effort:

Warburton [Capital] tackles the issues that crop up with your plan through a team-based approach. This team is aggregated via an extensive network of professionals with experience in the financial services industry. Some of these professionals include lawyers, Certified Public Accountants, insurance experts, risk management experts, and more.”

Warburton Capital was founded on the principle of Helping Our Clients Achieve Their Goals in a low cost, tax efficient and purposeful manner possible.

To remain committed to that thesis we:

  • Operate to the Fiduciary Standard
  • Provide truly independent advice
  • Offer non-conflicted advice
  • Are only compensated by those we serve, our clients

We believe our ‘Value Proposition’ is attractive and invite you to spend more time with us!

Always wishing you Purposeful Wealth Management, I remain

Yours Truly,

Warburton Capital Management

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