Global Diversification

The ‘Markets’ are always interesting!

As a recap of interesting developments in 2016-Q1 we offer the downloadable link below.

The Executive Summary is pretty simple:

  • Equities – The US Stock Market was up, as were the Emerging Markets; International Developed Stocks were down for the quarter.
  • Fixed Income – US and Global Markets were up
  • The ‘Best’ Stock Market was Brazil at 27.87%. (Incidentally, it was the ‘worst’ in Q3, 2015).
  • The ‘Worst’ Stock Market was Italy at -10.74%
  • Commodities had mixed results with Natural Gas turning in the worst performance at -21.81%, while Gold had a return of 16.40%.

We find the attached presentation to be ‘Interesting’, but, not particularly ‘Useful’.

That said, our recommended – and most useful – strategy for investors remains “Formulate A Uniquely Personal And Goal Based Long-Term Plan – THEN – Don’t Mess With It”.

  • Evidence demonstrates that the best investors are Dead People…they don’t mess with their investments.

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Please Find the Full Quarterly Market Report Here: Quarterly Market Review – 2016-Q1

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