Bringing the Evidence Home

As Wealth Managers we take a keen interest in assisting our clients with the development of Purposeful Investment Portfolios, Managing Taxation, Estate Planning, Exploring Insurance Solutions for Risk Management and Charitable Intent with each element informed by our clients uniquely personal Goals, Values, Needs, Resources and Obligations.

We also take a keen interest in the security and protection of our clients’ assets. An important element of client security and protection is the use of an Independent Third-Party Custodian. (Bernie Madoff would never had gotten his Ponzi scheme off the ground had his clients insisted on an Independent Third-Party Custodian!) Custodians have the all-important roles of notifying investors when activity occurs in their accounts and insuring that client assets are accurately valued. We use TDAmeritrade Institutional as our custodian because their value proposition is the best we can find for our clients.

Elements Of TDAmeritrade’s Value Proposition Include:

  • No Annual Account Service Charges – This Includes Retirement Accounts!
  • Margin Borrowing At Institutional Rates – The ‘Broker Call Rate’
  • Commission Free Trading On All Systematic Buys And Systematic Sells
  • Commission Free Trading On New Accounts For 30 Days
  • Cash and CD’s are FDIC Insured up to $250,000 per depositor and $500,000 per IDA depositor
  • Securities in each account are protected up to $500,000 by Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC)
  • A further $149,500,000 of protection for securities and $2,000,000 of protection for cash is provided through supplemental coverage by London insurers.
  • Recently Redesigned And Enhanced Online Internet Access For Client Accounts

Recently TDAmeritrade implemented another service to protect client accounts – ‘Client Notification Of Cash And Security Disbursements’. What this means is – whenever cash or securities are transferred out of a TDA account the client will be notified in writing. We view this as a good thing!

We are proud to be associated with TDAmeritrade and will remain associated them as long their Value Proposition remains the best we can find for our clients.

Trusting this will find you sleeping well at night and pursuing your Personal Goals, we remain

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Yours truly,



Warburton Capital Management

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