Bringing the Evidence Home

Well…a buddy came in and reminded us that we are one week away from the election–like we could forget!

What should you do about your Portfolio given the pending election?

Our advice is ‘Purposeful’ and pretty straight forward – if your portfolio is Purposefully Allocated as regards Stocks/Bonds = Do Nothing.  (If you’ve never worked with us to craft a Purposeful Portfolio, the time to plan is before fear and greed move the market, not after!–Give us a call.)

We have provided, for your enjoyment, a deck of slides relevant to “Market Returns During An Election Year”–click here!  Perhaps you will find this to be as interesting and useful as we do! If you would like further information, you can reference our recent article: You Can Read the Article “Presidential Elections and the Stock Market” by Clicking Here!

As advisors, we have observed some very unfortunate outcomes as a result of folks making radical decisions about their investments because they were scared of the results of an election.  If you have a plan – stick with it! If not – let’s make one!

In closing, we encourage you to please page through these slides and let us know what the information means to you.  Dialogue is always terrific.

With my Best Wishes and Thanking God For Free Enterprise Capitalism and the privilege to live in a country where Democracy rules, I remain


Yours Truly,

Warburton Capital Management

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