Bringing the Evidence Home

So a buddy stops by the office the other day and says “I liked your email about the Brexit but now I fear that we are in a bubble and with interest rates so low maybe I should just buy the British Pound?”  I excitedly went to the white board to further explain Harry Markowitz’s Modern Portfolio Theory and Eugene Fama’s Efficient Market Hypothesis when my buddy interrupted and said “Wait wait I just wanted a simple explanation…”

So without further delay welcome to Warburton Capital’s Evidence-Based Investment Insights!

Are you ready to become a better investor – to enhance your understanding of the most important principles that drive the creation of wealth – without it hurting a bit? That’s what Evidence-Based Investment Insights is all about.

Each insight will take only a minute or two of your time to explore one essential concept about investing, with an emphasis on ensuring that evidence, not emotion, guides the way. Before you know it, we’ll have introduced you to a dozen or so solid principles, based on more than a half-century of peer-reviewed inquiry into how capital markets efficiently and effectively deliver long-term wealth to patient investors.

Don’t worry, unless you specifically ask us about it, we’ll skip the Greek calculations and multi-factor modeling. Instead, we’ll translate each insight into its meaningful essence: the “What’s in it for me?” you need to know, so you can apply the science of investing to further understand your own portfolio.

You see, being a better investor doesn’t mean you must have an advanced degree in financial economics, or that you have to be smarter, faster or luckier than the rest of the market. It means:

  • Knowing and heeding the insights available from those who do have advanced degrees in financial economics
  • Structuring your portfolio so that you’re playing with rather than against the market and its expected returns
  • Avoiding your own most dangerous behaviors – ingrained through eons of evolution – that tempt you to make the worst financial decisions at all the wrong times

Are you ready to become a better investor on these terms? Join us for our next Evidence-Based Investment Insight: “You, the Market and the Prices You Pay.”

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