Blue stock exchange market graph on LED screen for business anal

So, a buddy comes in!  Our buddy is a student of Greek Mythology and has been reading Homer, specifically, the story of Odysseus having himself lashed to the mast of his boat such that he could be seduced by the Sirens’ Song but he would not be able to leave the ship and meet his doom.

Our buddy went on to pronounce that he loved to listen to Sirens’ Songs (the talking heads on CNBC), yet, he was pleased that we were helping to guide him while lashed to the mast of financial purpose!

The statistical analysis of Market Timing is compelling – it’s seductive but rarely effective.  Even the great Oracle of Omaha has been attributed as saying that ‘he had never seen anybody succeed at Market Timing more than once in a row’!  To be successful at Market Timing one would need to accurately predict ‘when to buy’ and ‘when to sell’ over and over.  Ain’t Gonna Happen!

One must remain tied to the mast of Financial Planning with a Purposeful Plan for achieving one’s Financial Goals in a manner which permits weathering the storms of inevitable market downturns.

Inviting you to come in for a visit, share your stories and affirm that you are lashed to the mast of Purposeful Financial Planning and on track to achieve all of your Financial Goals, I remain

On Behalf of the Firm,

Tom Warburton

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