Achieve Your Financial Goals

Financial success usually doesn’t happy by random chance. It is a product of careful planning, strategic decision-making, and adapting to changing circumstances.

At Warburton Capital Management, we take a comprehensive approach. Here’s how that approach could benefit you.

Accumulating wealth

If someone commits to live beneath their means and have a disciplined savings plan, they are well on their way to accumulating wealth.

Warburton’s systematic savings plan is designed to instill financial discipline. We make saving a critical part of retirement planning, emphasizing starting as early as possible.
Combined with the power of compound interest and academically sound investment strategies, our clients plan for their future, which increases the likelihood of achieving their financial goals.

Funding education

The cost of education can be significant, whether you’re planning your own higher education or your children’s.

At Warburton Capital Management, we begin the education funding process by discussing your goals, aspirations, and financial circumstances. We help you quantify the funds you’ll need and create a plan for accumulating them. Our recommendation may include 529 plans, which offer tax advantages for educational expenses, or other investment vehicles designed to grow your savings over time.

Insurance review

At Warburton Capital Management, our financial advisors work closely with you to assess your current coverage, including health insurance, life insurance, home & auto insurance, long-term care insurance, disability insurance, and more. We’ll consider factors like health conditions and financial obligations to determine the appropriate level of coverage.

Life insurance is a cornerstone of financial planning, especially for individuals with dependents. We can explain the differences between term and whole life insurance, helping you make informed decisions based on your long-term goals and budget.

While we don’t sell insurance, we work with a network of risk management professionals with whom we have established trusted relationships.

Estate planning

Estate planning involves creating a plan to distribute your assets and wealth after passing. It’s a critical process that ensures your loved ones are cared for, and your wishes are carried out according to your instructions.

We collaborate with estate planning attorneys to help you craft comprehensive estate plans. We’ll review wills, trusts, and other legal documents that outline your wishes regarding asset distribution, guardianship of minor children, and end-of-life medical decisions.

Estate taxes can significantly impact the value of the assets you leave behind for your heirs. We work with your estate planning counsel to recommend strategies that minimize estate taxes, allowing more of your wealth to be passed on to your loved ones.

If you experience significant life changes or new laws are enacted, your estate plan should remain aligned with your goals and the current legal landscape. That’s why your Warburton Capital Management advisor will regularly review your financial situation, including your estate plan.

You can read a series of blogs we wrote on Estate Planning by Clicking Here.

Starting a Business

Starting a business can be both exhilarating and overwhelming.
Your Warburton Capital Management advisor will evaluate your current financial situation, assess your risk tolerance, and determine the funds required to launch and sustain the business.

Choosing the proper business structure (sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, etc.) is a decision that impacts liability, taxation, and operational flexibility. Our advisors can guide you through the pros and cons of each structure, considering factors like legal liabilities, personal assets protection, and tax implications – ultimately connecting you with an attorney who can provide final legal advice.

Warburton Capital Management can assist in identifying funding sources through personal savings, loans, or other venues.

Exiting a business

Exiting a business is a significant milestone that requires careful planning and strategic execution. Whether you’re looking to retire, move on to new opportunities, or reap the rewards of your hard work, your Warburton Capital Management advisor can help.

Among the issues you may confront are:

  • Which exit option is optimal (e.g., selling to a third party, transferring to a family member, merging)?
  • How to value your business.
  • How to prepare your business for sale or transition.
  • Crafting an exit plan.
  • Negotiating and deal structuring.
  • Minimizing tax implications.
  • Dealing with due diligence issues.
  • Post-sale wealth management.

Your Warburton Capital Management advisor can guide you on these issues and help coordinate with other trusted professionals.


We are “evidence-based” advisors. We use Nobel Prize-winning research and diversify your equity portfolio across asset classes, countries, sectors, and companies, using low-fee mutual funds and exchange-traded funds.

We use fixed income to minimize risk and preserve wealth.

The funds we recommend seek to be tax-efficient.

Tax efficient withdrawal strategies

Tax-efficient withdrawal strategies are designed to minimize the tax impact of distributions in retirement, allowing you to retain more of your funds.

Your Warburton Capital Management advisor will review the location of your assets, whether tax loss harvesting would benefit you, whether you should convert traditional retirement accounts into Roth accounts, the impact of required minimum distributions and charitable giving strategies.

Charitable giving

Charitable giving is a noble endeavor that allows you to positively impact the world by supporting causes and organizations you care about. Maximizing the effectiveness of charitable giving requires careful planning, thoughtful consideration, and strategic decision-making.We can help align your charitable goals with your financial objectives and provide insights into the tax implications of your charitable contributions, exploring options like Donor Advised Funds.

Donating these assets directly to a charity can offer significant tax advantages if you hold appreciated assets like stocks, real estate, or other investments.

We can help you explore other options, like establishing a charitable trust, foundation, or endowment.

Trust Services

Warburton Capital Management works with National Advisors Trust Company (“NATC”) and National Advisors Trust of South Dakota, Inc. (“NATSD”) to provide trust representative services.

Together NATC/NATSD has over $12 Billion in assets under administration.

This affiliation allows clients to appoint Warburton Trust Services as successor or corporate trustee in their estate planning documents for their trust, an ILIT, or other purposes.

As the successor trustee, the corporate trustee is responsible for managing assets as outlined in your estate planning documents after you have passed or are unable or unwilling to manage your affairs.

If you believe our comprehensive approach to wealth management can help achieve your personal and financial goals, we’d welcome the opportunity to get to know you and see if we are a fit.

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