Josh Jakubovitz ready to serve Warburton Capital

Jonathan Hall, President of Warburton Capital, announced that Mr. Josh Jakubovitz has joined the firm as a Client Service Specialist.

Josh graduated from The University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chinese Language and Culture. He is currently pursuing his Master of Business Administration degree at the University of Tulsa.

During his tenure at OU, Josh developed a passion for exploring and learning about global cultures which led to his acceptance of a full scholarship to live and study in Beijing, China, for a year following completion of his undergraduate studies. In China, he worked with young children to help them develop their English capabilities while furthering his mastery of Mandarin.

Prior to joining Warburton Capital, Josh worked for a Fortune 100 company focused on providing payroll services to some of our country’s largest corporations. He also worked in the aerospace and higher education industries and led numerous international training initiatives for young pilots.

Josh is a strong advocate of lifelong learning and volunteers with the Mizel Jewish Community Day School, where he helps coordinate fundraising and local events, and with Zarrow Pointe and their residents to help connect them with distant family by assisting with new technology.

When he is not volunteering, Josh can be found hunched over a chess board with friends or outside playing disc golf with his family.

Serving as a Client Service Specialist with Warburton Capital, Josh is on our front-line of client contact. He responds to client requests, develops/implements solutions to improve operational efficiencies and assists in onboarding new clients.

Josh currently resides in Tulsa with his beautiful wife Madison and their Yorkie, Tipper.

Hall commented, “Josh’s wealth of client facing experience, his commitment to excellence, and servants’ heart make him an ideal fit for Warburton.  I’m confident Josh will be an excellent addition to our team. He will help increase our capacity to fulfill our firm’s mission of Helping People and providing White Glove Service!  Please join me in welcoming Josh to our Team!”

Founded in Tulsa in 2006, Warburton Capital Management provides a Family Office Experience to their clients.  We advise business owners, professionals, corporate executives, individuals, families, retirees, endowments and foundations on a multitude of Wealth Management matters including Portfolio Management, Tax Planning, Estate Planning, Insurance Coverage, Charitable Intent and Trust Representative Services.  The Firm offices in First Place Tower at 15 East Fifth Street, Suite 3675, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74103.

Warburton Capital offers trust services

Tulsa, Ok. – Jonathan Hall, Managing Principal of Warburton Capital Management, LLC, announced that Warburton Capital Management, LLC, has become a stockholder in and affiliate of National Advisors Holding, Inc. (“NAH”), the subsidiaries of which include National Advisors Trust Company (“NATC”) and National Advisors Trust of South Dakota, Inc. (“NATSD”).

NATC is a national trust company and a member of the Federal Reserve Bank. It is examined for safety and soundness by the Office of the Controller of the Currency and reports to Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. NATSD is a trust company regulated by the South Dakota Banking Division.

With over $12 Billion in assets under administration, NATC/NATSD is one of the largest independent trust companies in the United States. Its in-house specialists include 10 JD’s, 2 LLM’s, 4 CTFA’s, 6 Trust Officers and 3 CPA’s. NATC has experience managing assets ranging from marketable securities to mineral rights, oil and gas, real estate (commercial, residential, farm and ranch), and closely held businesses. The headquarters of NATC are located in Kansas City, MO, with satellite offices in Sioux Falls, SD, and Houston, TX. NATSD provides client planning options under the progressive trust laws of South Dakota, including unique assets protection, privacy, and dynasty trust arrangements based in a tax friendly state.

Hall also announced that Warburton Capital Management has been designated as a Trust Representative Office of NATC/NATSD doing business as Warburton Trust Services. In this capacity, Warburton Capital Management collaborates with NATC and NATSD to fully support communication, execution and reporting with respect to client trust services.

“Our clients work closely with us to make decisions about their financial futures, their retirement plans, and to fulfill the needs of their families and their benevolent intentions,” said Hall. “Often, that planning includes the establishment of current and future trust services, whether to provide necessary professional management and investment services, to avoid conflicts or burdens upon family members, or to address multigenerational planning needs”, added Hall.

“With Warburton Trust Services named as current or successor trustee, assets will be managed as directed by the creator of the trust and ultimately applied and distributed in accordance with the creator’s wishes. The benefits include simplicity and peace of mind for the client”, said Hall.

For more information about Warburton Trust Services, call 918-794-3000 or email wcm@warburtoncapital.com.

About Warburton Capital Management: Warburton Capital Management, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisory firm. Its wealth management advisors are independent fee only, fiduciaries working to help clients clarify and achieve their financial and business goals. Ultimately, we strive to help clients build peace of mind and financial security.

About Warburton Trust Services: National Advisors Trust Company d/b/a Warburton Trust Services provides comprehensive trust administrative services through the Trust Representative Offices of Warburton Capital Management.

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Don’t Fall for Market Timing’s Siren Song

So, a buddy comes in!  Our buddy is a student of Greek Mythology and has been reading Homer, specifically, the story of Odysseus having himself lashed to the mast of his boat such that he could be seduced by the Sirens’ Song but he would not be able to leave the ship and meet his doom.

Our buddy went on to pronounce that he loved to listen to Sirens’ Songs (the talking heads on CNBC), yet, he was pleased that we were helping to guide him while lashed to the mast of financial purpose!

The statistical analysis of Market Timing is compelling – it’s seductive but rarely effective.  Even the great Oracle of Omaha has been attributed as saying that ‘he had never seen anybody succeed at Market Timing more than once in a row’!  To be successful at Market Timing one would need to accurately predict ‘when to buy’ and ‘when to sell’ over and over.  Ain’t Gonna Happen!

One must remain tied to the mast of Financial Planning with a Purposeful Plan for achieving one’s Financial Goals in a manner which permits weathering the storms of inevitable market downturns.

Inviting you to come in for a visit, share your stories and affirm that you are lashed to the mast of Purposeful Financial Planning and on track to achieve all of your Financial Goals, I remain

On Behalf of the Firm,

Tom Warburton

Jonathan Hall Continues Warburton Commitment to Service

At Warburton Capital, we view ourselves as being in the service business. Our greatest aspiration is to help people, and Managing Principal Jonathan Hall exemplifies the firm’s dedication to servant leadership.

Jonathan’s community involvement efforts have expanded to include service to the youth of the entire state of Oklahoma. In late November, Governor Kevin Stitt appointed Jonathan to serve on the Oklahoma Commission on Children and Youth as the Commissioner Representing Business or Industry.

Read the full OCCY announcement here.

This prestigious appointment is a natural fit for Jonathan, who has presided over Tulsa’s Emergency Infant Services since 2014 and has served on the city’s Tax Oversight Committee since 2019. Jonathan begins his 2-year term as an OCCY Commissioner with years of experience supporting children’s services, as well as his in-depth knowledge of finance. His insight will help the commission continue to improve the lives of our children through the coordination of public and private resources and the development of strategic improvement plans at the community and state levels.

We’re proud of Jonathan’s continued service to our city and the youth of Oklahoma, and we’re not the only ones. On a recent Zoom call, a buddy called in to recognize Jonathan’s appointment and congratulate him, and I thought it would be a great idea to share the good news with those of you who weren’t on the call. Part of what we do on these calls is talk about how our colleagues live out their commitments to service, how we’re all doing personally and professionally, and how we can all continue to be a positive influence in today’s society.

Consider this your personal invitation to ‘Zoom In’ soon and often to connect with our phenomenal team and share your stories and concerns. I trust you are living your life well, maintaining social distance, and not worrying about your portfolio because you have a purposeful plan in place with a team that has your best interests at heart.

On Behalf of the Firm,

Tom Warburton

P.S. If you need more information about our Zoom check-in calls, email our team or call us at (918) 794-3000. Let’s chat!