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Solutions for your wealth management needs in Tulsa.

Wealth management Process

From large Wall Street firms to Small Independents, everyone seems to be promising Wealth Management.  Most investors are not receiving anything close to Comprehensive Wealth Management and are simply being sold products.

We have developed a Consultative Wealth Management process and deliver a comprehensive solution to our clients that covers three areas of discipline:

 Investment Consulting:

–   Smart Financial Decision – Preserving and growing liquid net worth

 Advanced Planning:

–   Wealth Transfer – Ensuring the efficient transfer of wealth to future generations

–   Wealth Enhancement – Integrating appropriate tax management into the planning process

–   Wealth Protection – Insulating accumulated wealth from catastrophic loss

–   Charitable Giving – Maximizing the benefits of philanthropic activities to help others

 Relationship Management:

–   Client Relationship – Ongoing monitoring of values, goals, needs, resources and obligations

–   Expert Team  – Coordination and synchronization of professional advisors including attorneys, accountants, insurance agents and others. (click to our team of experts page)

 Our Consultative Wealth Management Process: