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We are here to help answer any questions you may have. Following are some of the most frequently asked questions. Please contact us via phone or email if you have specific question we did not address below.

What is a fiduciary and why is that important to me?

A fiduciary is someone who acts in good faith and in the best interests of each client.  A fiduciary duty is the highest standard of care.  At Warburton Capital we are fiduciaries to our Clients.

Do you have minimum criteria for net worth, income, or assets to be managed?

Our criteria is this: We want to work with clients who are Fun, Smart, Goal-Oriented, and Consultative in a relationship that is meaningful to the client, and to us.

Where are Clients assets held?

Our Clients assets are held with prominent and reputable third party custodians.  Our primary custodian is TD Ameritrade Institutional.

How are you compensated for your services and what are your fees?

In the majority of engagements we receive a fee based on assets under management (AUM).  Our fees may vary depending on the scope and type of work involved.

Does Warburton Capital receive commissions, referral fees, or other forms of hidden compensation?

We accept no compensation or incentives from any service providers unless you approve, it is fully disclosed and it is in your best interest.

How do I get a copy of your ADV, Part 2?

Call us or fill out the contact form below and we will send you a copy.

How often do you meet with your clients?

The consultative process preceding engagement takes five to six meetings over a 90+ day period.  After we complete this consultative process we will meet as often as you deem necessary and at a minimum of once a year.

What if I want to terminate our relationship?

Either our clients or we can terminate our relationship at any time without penalties.  For our part, we are not interested in short-term relationships.  Long-Term relationships are the foundation of our firm.  We have achieved a client retention rate of over 96 percent since the inception of our firm.

Do I have access to my account online?

Yes each Client has access to their account through TD Ameritrade Institutional.  Clients are able to monitor their portfolios, download statements and synchronize real-time data with accounting software.