Warburton Capital can help you make work optional and maintain that status.

We advise a limited number of working or retired business owners and professionals. We engage new clients only after we have determined we can help them achieve everything that is important to them and bring them significant value.

Our Clients receive the benefit of a team of leading experts (Attorneys, CPA’s and Insurance Professionals among others) to identify advanced planning “gaps”.

Warburton Capital has developed a unique consultative process to assure that our clients clarify their goals, make work optional and attain financial peace of mind.  

We are independent, fee-only, fiduciary advisors who bring years of experience to bear on every aspect of your financial life. We advise a limited number of working or retired business owners and professionals.

"Wealth management is about bearing purposeful investment risks, optimizing your taxation, crafting your estate plan, minimizing random (and obvious) risks with insurance, and buttoning up your charitable intent.”
Purposeful Wealth Management,  by Tom Warburton


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Introducing Our New Colleague: Isaac Hutchins

We wanted our clients and friends to be the first to know… On Monday, October 13, 2014, Isaac Hutchins, a native of the Tulsa area, joined our firm as Client Service Specialist. Isaac graduated from Oral Roberts University with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. After completing his degree, he worked with a national communications company, […]


Sometimes – You Should Do Nothing!

So a buddy walks in and says, “My friend’s financial advisor just rolled out some new software which claims to actively predict future swings in the market! You guys invest in passive funds and don’t try to market-time– what exactly do you get paid for?” We’re glad our buddy asked, as this gives us an […]


Our Custodian and Your Account Protection

As Wealth Managers we take a keen interest in assisting our clients with the development of Purposeful Investment Portfolios, Managing Taxation, Estate Planning, Exploring Insurance Solutions for Risk Management and Charitable Intent with each element informed by our clients uniquely personal Goals, Values, Needs, Resources and Obligations. We also take a keen interest in the […]


We advise a limited number of working or retired business owners and professionals.

Who We Serve

We have developed a Consultative Wealth Management process and deliver a comprehensive solution to our clients that cover three areas of discipline: Advanced Planning, Relationship Management, and Investment Consulting. We advise a limited number of working or retired business owners and professionals.

Relationship Management

We are focused on building relationships with our clients, continuing to monitor their values, goals, needs, resources, and obligations. Additionally, we work to foster solid, trusted relationships with our network of financial professionals that we can call in to address specific client needs. Lastly, we often coordinate and synchronize our clients’ existing professional advisors.  

Advanced Planning

We go beyond investments to address your advanced planning needs: Wealth Enhancement (integrating appropriate tax management into the planning process), Wealth Transfer (ensuring the efficient transfer of wealth to future generations), Wealth Protection (insulating wealth from catastrophic loss), and Charitable Giving.

Investment Consulting

We manage our clients’ investments over time to help achieve their financial goals. This requires us to design an investment plan that takes their goals, time horizons and tolerance for risk into account while purposefully monitoring our clients’ financial lives over time, making adjustments as needed.


Client goals determine not only why we invest, but how we invest.

Tom Warburton

It is our hope that you will be able to make work optional and maintain that status, live a life free of financial concerns, and be fully able to achieve your goals.

Tom Warburton - Principal of Warburton Capital



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